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A Wonderful Gift for a Wonderful Teacher 2017 Apr 25

A teacher is a person who is invested with the noble mission of molding a generation. He/She is given a place even above God in many cultures. This is because a teacher is the person who opens the mind’s eye of a child, enabling it to see the world in the right light.

Apart from teaching subject to a child, a teacher shapes its personality and makes it possible for it to live a life of goodness. The influence of teachers begins from the kindergarten class and it prevails throughout the life of a person. As years pass, one may meet with a number of teachers at various levels. But the effect of good teachers eventually becomes the sum total of a person’s life.

So it is only appropriate to allot a day on which the teachers all over the world receive the honor and love from their students. For a good teacher, the students are often a grade above their own biological children. He stand to accumulate a wealth of students as his/her career advances.

Different countries celebrate teachers’ day on different dates. But October 5th is declared as the international teachers’ day. There are many countries which celebrate teachers’ day on October 5th. But in USA, the first full week in May is considered to be the teachers’ week. Whole of this week is dedicated to honoring teachers. The Tuesday of this week is often celebrated as the teachers’ day.

It is on this day the students remember the person who has influenced his/ her life equipping him/her well for facing the world. So on this day they would do well in finding time to honor their teachers. A teacher is sure to treasure a token of love from his/her students.

So how do you select a suitable present for a teacher? You can select jewelry for a lady teacher. There are also quite a few unisex gifts you can select from our inventory. Table décor items, home décor items, or some personalized gifts that suits the personality of your favorite teacher can be chosen as a teachers’ day gift...… read more

Graduation gift ideas 2017 Apr 25

Graduation after completing a particular course is an occasion of celebration and congratulation. While it is a day of festivities for the graduate, commemorating an accomplishment, it is equally festive for friends and relatives who would like to share the sense of triumph. That is where gifts are relevant.

While speeches and parties are delightfully pertinent, gifts and mementoes are things that would bring back the live memories of those happy occasions even after many years. So gifting a student on his/her graduation is a highly significant deed.

While choosing the gifts for the occasion one should take many aspects into consideration. It should be an apt gift. You can choose gifts like something related to the graduate’s future aspirations, study table décor articles, photo frames etc...… read more

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017 Apr 25

“The hand that rocks the cradle (moulds) the world”. A slight adaptation of the adage is not at all out of place when we think of the wonderful human being who has given us unconditional love from the time we began as a cluster of cells in her womb. There is no way we can repay all the sacrifice she has taken upon herself for our welfare. To allot one day to remember her and honor her is scarcely enough. At the same time we must take it as a day on which we express our love to her in some tangible way.

Mothers’ day came into existence as a result of the efforts of one daughter to honor her mother and to extend the honor to all the mothers the world over. It was Anna Jarvis who decided that the mothers of the world deserve special consideration by her children at least for a day in a year.

So the practice of making the mother happy on the mothers’ day became a must. You can take your mother to dinners and on tours or to any activity she loves. But giving her a token of your love is imperative. How to choose an apt gift for the person who has gifted life to you? Here are some ideas that may help...… read more

Easter – Triumph of Life over Death 2017 Apr 10

Son of God was born on earth, lived like an ordinary man and died on the cross bearing the burden of mankind’s sin. Thereafter, He rose from the dead on the third day, defeating death and evil. God’s promise to man was thus fulfilled. This holy sacrifice is celebrated through the Christian festival of Easter.

Easter has its origin in a pagan festival that was celebrated before the advent of Christianity. This was originally a festival dedicated to the Saxon Goddess of fertility and spring, Eostre. When Christianity replaced the paganism, these festivals had to be stopped. But it was not easy to stop an occasion of merriment and celebration that was celebrated for centuries. The easiest way was to convert these festivals into a Christian one with a Christian relevance.

Since this festival was conducted to celebrate harvest and the coming of spring it happened after the spring equinox. The death of Christ also was recorded after the Jewish festival of Passover which somewhat coincided with the time of the pagan festival. So Easter was celebrated every year on the Sunday after the first full moon after March21.

Easter rituals start from Ash Wednesday which is 46 days before Easter. The lent starts from that day and the Christians observe the lent till Easter. Easter days include the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. It is said in The Bible that Christ had his last supper with his disciples on the Thursday night and was betrayed by Jude during the small hours of Good Friday. He was crucified on Friday. So Friday and Saturday are observed as days of sorrow by the Christians. Then on the third day, which is Easter Sunday, he resurrects and ascends to heaven. This day is now celebrated all over the world as the day of triumph of good over evil. It brings the message of peace and hope to mankind...… read more

Passover – Commemorating God’s Love 2017 Mar 29

Passover is Jewish festival that is celebrated from the 15th of the month of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar. It is a seven day festival. This is the most significant festival for the Jews, because it memorializes the liberation of the children of Israel from the slavery of Egyptians, under the leadership of Moses.

It is also celebrated as a spring festival. Before the ravage of the Temple of Israel the Israelites used to offer the first harvest of barley in the temple. This is because barley is the first crop that gets ready for harvest.

The story of this liberation which is termed as “The Exodus” in The Bible is a saga of Israelites’ struggle for freedom. God had ordered the Pharaoh to liberate his people from slavery in order to enable them to worship him. Pharaoh was not ready to oblige Him and God declared the visitation of ten plagues on the Egyptians.

Even after the ninth plague, the pharaoh refused to free the Israelites and God sent the final and the most serious one. The 10th plague caused the death of all the 1st born of Egypt. The Israelites were instructed to mark their doors with the blood of the sacrificed lamb, so that the angel of death could recognize them and pass over without harming them. This is why the festival is named ‘Passover’.

The first day of the Passover commences at the evening of the 14th and ends at the evening of the 15th. On the previous day the Jewish households conduct a thorough cleaning of their houses and clean them of every bit of leaven bread or chametz. This chametz is burned as a ritual before the commencing of Passover. It was said that while leaving Egypt, the Israelites were in a hurry and they did not get time to leaven the dough before baking bread. So it is forbidden to eat leaven food during the seven days of the Passover...… read more

Limoges figurine boxes 2017 Mar 13

Limoges is a city in the West-central France. The famous Limoges porcelain boxes are made in the factories situated in and around this city. Porcelain was not known to the West till Marco Polo visited China.

China had the monopoly of importing porcelain to other countries all over the world. The articles were even referred to as ‘china ware. Marquise de Pompadour is said to have imported porcelain from China during the first half of the 18th century.

It made history when a type of white clay was discovered in the town of Yrieixin near Limoges in the latter half of the 18th century. This clay proved to be the Kaolin clay used in porcelain making. Excavation around the area yielded rich deposits of kaolin and feldspar which are used in the making of porcelain. This was the beginning of an industry that strode the world markets with the production of lovely Limoges porcelain boxes...… read more

‘Beaujolais Nouveau’ or the New Beaujolais Festival 2016 Nov 07

Beaujolais Nouveau is a festival that celebrates new wine of the year in the Beaujolais region of Limoges. This unique festival occurs on the third Thursday of November. The grapes are harvested during the latter half of October. The new barrels of wine are opened at midnight of the New Beaujolais festival. Under the French law the new wine should be given out just after midnight...… read more

Halloween – Wedged Between the Fruitful Autumn and the Dreary Winter 2016 Oct 04

Halloween is a word derived from the expression ‘All Hallows Eve’. This festival which is celebrated with the weirdest rituals is said to have its roots in the Celtic festival of ‘Samhain’. This is a festival that marked the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. This is a time that finds the end of the current year’s harvest and calls for a celebration. The Druids used to build huge community bon-fires and burnt crops and sacrificed animals as offerings to their deities. They re-kindled their hearth fires from the fire from this bon-fire.

Since winter is a time when life is not very active, the time is also associated with death. They believed that it is the time when the worlds of the living and the dead temporarily overlap each other. So it is only natural to expect visitors from the other world on the eve of November 1st, which is the winter month. So people believed that the spirits walk the earth in various forms. There are benevolent spirits and evil ones. People leave food for the benevolent ones, which are often believed to be the spirits of their dead relatives. But at the same time the evil ones are feared... … read more

Limoges – France 2016 May 10

Limoges is now the capital of the Limousin provinces in France. It is situated on the right bank of River Vienne. The city of Limoges is almost in the center of France and south-west of Paris. Limoges is known from Middle Ages for its exquisite enamel works. But the city has a long and ancient history.

Limoges was an ancient city which was the abode of a Gallic tribe called ‘Lemovices. The city of Limoges was founded by the Romans in 10th century BC. It was Emperor Augustus who founded the city and so it was called Augustoritum. It was a much developed Roman establishment with an organized government and its own currency.

The city was constructed in the typical Roman fashion. It had a square plan with two main streets crossing in the center. It could also boast of a proper amphitheater. Later the name Augustoritum was replaced by ‘Limoges’ after the original inhabitants of the area.

Christianity came to Limoges by the middle of the 3rd century AD. St. Martial and his two companions were instrumental in this. But the area was scarcely occupied because of the constant skirmishes between the inhabitants of the area and other Germanic tribes. In the beginning, the people of Limoges settled down at a place which could be easily fortified. Later, by the 9th century another community came into existence around the tomb of St. Martial and at the same time ‘The Abbey of St. Martial’ was built there. A third settlement came up near the residence of the Viscount...… read more

The Carnival of Limoux 2016 Mar 10

Have you heard of a three month long carnival? It happens in Limoux, France. The carnival of Limoux is known as the longest carnival in the world. It extends through the weekends of January, February and March, till the Night of the Blanquette.

This is a 400 year old celebration, the origin of which can be traced back to the celebration of the millers in the 14th century. At that time, the millers conducted a small celebration when they were released from an obligation to pay taxes to the Dominican priory at Prouille. They conducted processions through the streets with the accompaniment of musicians throwing sugared almonds and flour. At present they throw confetti instead of flour.

The carnival began to be conducted regularly from the 1600s in Limoux. There is more to this traditional carnival than just dance and merrymaking. The processions and other activities in the carnival are governed by a discipline of ancient customs. It also helps to preserve one of the ancient French dialects called ‘Occitan’. The songs and plays will be in Occitan language... … read more

How They Celebrate Christmas in France 2015 Dec 24

Christmas has a deep religious significance as far as the French are concerned. France conforms mostly to the Catholic traditions in celebrating the birth of the Immaculate Child. It is almost a month long celebration filled with color and music and sumptuous food.

St. Nicholas Day

Christmas mood is set, right from the end of November when Christmas markets begin to appear in the country. On 6th of December with the St. Nicholas day, the festivities start in earnest. Colorful light decorations begin to be erected along the streets and buildings. Churches begin to echo with Christmas songs. This continues till 6th January, the12th day of Christmas...… read more

Christmas in France 2015 Dec 16

Christmas in France starts with Advent. It begins on a Sunday four weeks before Christmas. That means they will get four Sundays before Christmas. An advent calendar is set up on the first Sunday to help the children to count down the days till Christmas day. They have to open a window on the calendar on each day.

An advent wreath is also made using fir tree or pine tree branches. These trees are used because they do not shed their leaves during winter. So they represent hope and eternal life during the Christmas season. Four candles are placed on the wreath. They will be lighted on Sundays, one on the first Sunday, two on the second Sunday and so on. On the fourth Sunday all the four candles will be lit. The wreath is decorated using flowers, ribbons and other Christmas decoration.

Nativity scenes are an integrated part of Christmas. The churches usually put up large nativity scenes using life-sized figures of the holy family, shepherds and the cattle. Some churches go to the extent of creating live nativity scenes using actors and live animals. But smaller nativity scenes are installed in houses with small figurines called ‘santons’. In France these figurines are handcrafted with clay.… read more

The Year-round Variety Festivals of Limoges 2015 May 05

Limoges is a place that offers great festivities and merrymaking to both its citizens as well as visitors. There is always one festival or the other happening in and around Limoges. The Limoges events are very lively and incorporate even the foreign performances together with its own characteristic ones. As a result, there are festivals like Czech days and Latin American days.

The annual fair of Limoges is one of the most special Limoges event which concentrates on showcasing Limoges culture. There are exhibitions organized in various parts of the city. These exhibitions are always conducted according to a theme, which is decided for that … read more


Limoges Porcelain as Excellent Gift Items and Worthy Collectibles 2015 May 05

The discovery of kaolin clay and feldspar in 1768 at St. Yrieix near Limoges France was an important turning point in the Limoges porcelain history. This wonderful white clay was recognized as the most important component in ceramic and porcelain making.

In 1771 Limoges started producing porcelain in considerable quantities using wood burning kilns. In 1774 the industry attracted the attention of the Marquis d’Artois and he decided to support the industry. Many other aristocrats supported the Limoges porcelain industry. … read more

History of Limoges France 2015 Mar 26

Limoges is the administrative capital of the Limousin area, West-central France. It is also the capital of Haute-Vienne department. The history of Limoges is almost 2000 years old. The excavated evidence points towards a Gaulish settlement before the actual city was created in the 10th century B.C.

In the 10th century B.C the Roman emperor Augustus is said to have founded the city along the typical Roman fashion. The city had a Roman square, which is at the crossing point of two two main roads. It had, in those days, all the Roman establishments like … read more


The History of Limoges Porcelain 2015 Mar 18

It was Marco Polo who had popularized the white ceramics called porcelain after his much celebrated travel to China. In the ancient times, the secret of top quality porcelain making rested solely with China. So importing from China was the only way to get the porcelain items till the 17th century. … read more

Limoges - the City of Enamels and Porcelain 2015 Feb 25

It was in 2008 that we decided to include the Limoges boxes, the world rLIMOGES BOXES - FROG W/CROWNenowned collectibles, to our online store of Luxury European gift collection. But before recommending the boxes to our clients, we wanted to see the place where they are made, so that, we would get inspired by the origin and history of these wonderful artifacts.

Limoges is the capital of Haute-Vienna department and the administrative capital of the Limousine region of West-Central France. This is not a favorite haunt of tourists. But it would be wrong to decide that the place is devoid of anything interesting. On the contrary, there are a number of cathedrals built in the Gothic style. … read more


Limoges Porcelain Boxes to Declare your Love in Style 2015 Feb 16

The Limoges boxes that carry with them the immense charm of centuries old tradition can be an equally charming gift for someone you love dearly. These small trinket boxes, which are as functional as they are appealing, are available in a variety of colors and features.

In spite of the modernity that have invaded the crafting of these porcelain boxes, the traditional ones still remain on top with their unequalled beauty and elegance. This February, your valentine will be very happy to get one of these as a gift. If you can select a suitable trinket with it, the recipient will be all the more happy. … read more


Limoges boxes as Valentine's Day Gifts 2015 Feb 05


These French porcelain trinket boxes which boasts of a magnificent heritage are glorious items to be presented to someone who is held close to your heart. Since Valentine’s Day calls for a gift to your beloved, make this year a special one by gifting him or her with an authentic Limoges porcelain box.

These porcelain boxes are artistic creations which were snuff and tobacco boxes originally, have now turned to be elaborately decorated trinket Limoges boxes. It can be given to a lady-friend to keep her delicate trinkets in or to a man-friend to add to his curio collection … read more

Limoges boxes A Cute Way of Expressing Your Love 2015 Jan 28

The cute porcelain trinket boxes made of Kaolin clay can speak volumes about your love for the special person in your life. They are exquisite artifacts that are meant for holding trinkets.

Pamper your beloved on this Valentine’s Day with a special Limoges porcelain box. You will get a variety of them in our stores. We have Limoges boxes that suit every taste. Surprise her with one of these exquisite boxes that come in every shape and color … read more


Limoges Travelogue An Introduction of the City 2014 Sep 10

Getting a feel for a city begins with a map and some useful bits of information to help establish a sense of place.

The Region:

The city of Limoges is one of the 13 communities within the Haute-Vienne department, which is part of the larger Limousin province, the sixth-largest forested region of France. … read more

Vintage limoges boxes 2014 Aug 28

Vintage Limoges Boxes Make Perfect Gifts for All Occasions

One look at the array of authentic Limoges boxes displayed at a renowned retail outlet will make you reflect on the accuracy of the statement that says that "good things come in small packages". Vintage Limoges boxes make perfect gift items for every occasion, be it Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, someone special’s birthday, or Valentine’s Day. The miniscule details on these boxes leave one and all speechless and delight the receivers beyond words. … read more

Rochard limoges boxes 2014 Aug 28

Specialty of Rochard Limoges boxes

For long now, Rochard Limoges boxes have been synonymous with the exquisite porcelain boxes made in France. If you are looking for premium Limoges boxes to add to your collection or to gift it to someone special, your search ends at Rochard. You can choose from an extensive selection of hand-painted boxes from this manufacturer that introduces a new line of gift items ever so often.

Thus, whether it is Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, you can find a perfect piece for every occasion here. The ‘Limoges, France’ stamp at the bottom of Rochard Limoges boxes and figurines guarantee authenticity whereas the lot number printed along with it verifies that the piece is a part of a limited edition collection … read more

Rochard Limoges boxes and Porcelain boxes for the perfect gift 2014 Aug 28

For many decades now, Rochard Limoges boxes been used synonymously for French porcelain boxes. Exquisite, classy and elegant in nature, these premium Limoges porcelain boxes are appropriate for your collection or to be gifted to someone special. A careful research of e-catalogs can help you get your hands on well designed, hand-painted boxes-- that speak volumes about your taste for something different.

So, whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your Mom on Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas or desirous of arranging your precious assets into stylish boxes –think Rochard Limoges boxes. You will be pleased with your selection.

… read more

Points to Consider before Investing in Limoges Boxes 2014 Aug 28

Looking for investments in an elegant Limoges porcelain box? In reality you are looking towards purchasing an heirloom that you can pass down the generations.

Remember, upscale porcelain pieces and Limoges trinket boxes are not only pretty and exquisite, they are also expensive. So, before you decide to pay for your selected trinket box, take a pause. You need to know a little more about how to hunt for collectible Limoges porcelain boxes –the right way! … read more

Understanding the Different Types of Limoges Boxes 2014 Aug 28

If you have ever owned authentic Limoges boxes, you can understand how valuable this tiny piece of art is to your list of collections. These trinket boxes are typically made with the help of glistening white clay porcelain that goes by the name of Kaolin. In addition to this, a lot of hard work is put into painting these porcelain boxes by hand.

Each painting depicts various sceneries and figurines that help add a touch of flavor on the mantle you choose to exhibit it on. Most vintage Limoges boxes come with traditional designs that originate back to the 18th century. Modern day variants continue to be introduced by dexterous and innovative artists. … read more

What Makes Trinket Boxes such a Popular Collectible Item 2014 Aug 28

Trinket boxes are a popular item among collectors today. Seasoned collectors are constantly looking for vintage boxes that come with a slice of history or simply one that emanates exquisite beauty and aesthetic appeal.

These boxes come in a wide range of types and styles. Historically, they were put to use by women to hide their precious keepsakes. Considering that these boxes have been around for generations, collectors today find deep value in investing in them.

Here are a few reasons why trinket boxes make for such a viable collectible item-

… read more

The Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mommies-to-be! 2014 Aug 28

Whether the baby shower you are invited to is a simply gathering of friends or an elaborate event complete with exquisite decorations, a 3 tiered cake and some fund games; you don’t want to turn up with a gift that is inappropriate.

With a myriad of options such as functional items for the baby and mommy, or ornamental items that the mother and child can appreciate for years, there is a list … read more

How are your Limoges Items Made 2014 Aug 28

Every Limoges item that you come across will be unique and exquisitely made. Its appeal comes from the meticulous process that goes into creating each one of the exquisite pieces. So the next time you are out purchasing Limoges boxes, knowing the process of how it got to the shelf is a great way to realize its true value.

Step I

The first step of making these exquisite collectible trinkets involves creating a design for the molding. Artists plan these design and they draw it by hand to get an idea on how the finished product will look. The design comes with elaborate features such as the proper curves the mold will take, the color scheme, and the images it will represent. … read more

How to Identify an Authentic Limoges Porcelain Box 2014 Aug 28

The Limoges Porcelain box was first created in the late 1700’s in Limoges, France. The artisans started make the Limoges boxes with kaolin, a form of hard-paste porcelain before using quartz and feldspar for it.

These boxes make splendid gift items or fabulous collectibles that can be placed on your dresser, desk or simply displayed on a shelf in your home. If you plan to add these Limoges porcelain figurines or boxes to your collection, it is then important for you to identify the authentic ones from their imitation counterparts.… read more


A Beginners Guide to Collecting Smartly 2014 Aug 28

Collecting is many times a decision that is made unconsciously. Chances are that you simply realize one day that you have collected a good number of vintage Christmas ornaments over the years or an ample number of Limoges porcelain boxes that can now safely be considered as a collection.

Over a period of time, you may also convert this into a conscious effort to transform your existing collection into something meaningful and probably even valuable. If this is the road you intend to tread onto, you need to make sure you do it the smart way.

… read more

Limoges Porcelain Boxes and their many Manifestations and Types 2014 Aug 28

Limoges miniatures, figurines and trinket boxes add value to your collection –and not in terms of monetary investments alone. They are stylish, classy and timeless. These little boxes and miniatures made of glistening white clay porcelain (Kaolin) and bear meticulous hand paintings. They portray various sceneries and figures that add pizzazz to collectibles and home decor art pieces alike. 

Along with plenty of traditional designs dating back to the 18th century, you should also look around for the more contemporary styles that help in making your collection all the more valuable and worthwhile - take a look. … read more

Limoges porcelain boxes 2014 Aug 28

Limoges porcelain boxes

Tips to Identify an Authentic Limoges Porcelain Box

A porcelain box looks simply exquisite. The production of the Limoges porcelain boxes dates back to the late 1970s. They were produced for the first time in the city of Limoges in France. The initial production used kaolin clay as the raw material for these boxes. However, later the manufacturers made use of feldspar and quartz for creating these one-of-a- kind boxes.

These boxes are widely held as gift items as well as collectibles and if you too want to have a collection of your own, it would be a wise idea to learn how to distinguish an authentic porcelain box from a fake one. When you buy a Limoges box or figurine as a gift item or as a décor item, make sure that you keep the following pointers in mind before loosening your purse strings.

… read more

Traditional limoges boxes 2014 Aug 28

Interesting Facts about Traditional Limoges Boxes

Over time, traditional Limoges boxes have become a popular collectible due to their worldwide status as precious works of art. These delicate porcelain boxes were originally made of Kaolin clay and manufactured in a city called Limoges in France.

If you too have been left enchanted by the beauty of these boxes and figurines and want to start collecting them, it would be of great help for you to know some interesting facts about them. These lesser known facts about these figurines and boxes will not only help you distinguish between an authentic piece and a cheap knock off but also to build an impressive collection that is of great value. … read more

Things to Cherish for Vintage Collectors 2014 Aug 28

Limoges Boxes and Figurines- Things to Cherish for Vintage Collectors

Your son has just taken his first step or your daughter has won the first prize in a dance performance. It is your 25th marriage anniversary or your husband got a terrific breakthrough in his career. Whatever may be the reason for extolment Limoges boxes and figurines can be some of the most unique and exquisite things to gift.

Above all, if you are an avid collector of vintage items, you are sure to turn all heads to your display shelf simply by keeping a few of these impeccable art pieces. However, as a serious collector you need to take into consideration a few things before picking out a box simply because you like the look of it. … read more

Limoges trinket box 2014 Aug 28

Cleaning and Maintenance of Limoges Boxes and Figurines

The unique appeal of Limoges boxes and figurines with their meticulous imagery and vivid hues charms one and all. Whether you have been collecting these exquisite pieces for some time now or have just received the first piece as a gift from someone special, it is important to keep them clean and well maintained. This will keep your precious Kaolin clay box or figurine looking brand new and even add to its value.

You need to be extra careful while cleaning or repairing these delicate boxes and figurines that are made from Kaolin clay. It would help if you dust them lightly with a soft, dry cloth on a regular basis. This will prevent dust and dirt from settling on the surface and scratching it. However, while it may be easy to wipe the surface clean, it requires a little more precision … read more

Interesting facts about Limoges Porcelain Boxes 2014 Aug 28

Ethereal, enigmatic, and enchanting-Limoges boxes present flawless works of art, which can enhance the décor and value of even the lonely display shelf at the corner of your room. Coming in delicate hinged trinket boxes and bearing striking scenery and figurines carefully painted by skilful hands, these pieces are enlisted as the much sought-after rare treasures by vintage or antique collectors in recent times.

However, the origin of these wonderful creations goes back to several centuries in France and bears a legendary history to talk about. Here are some interesting facts about Limoges porcelain.

Identifying the Various Marks on Traditional Limoges Boxes 2014 Aug 28

From the time when the beautiful damsels of the European nobility used to flaunt their trinket snuff boxes in the 19th century, French porcelain had been synonymous with the exquisitely manufactured and painted Limoges boxes.

The factory in Sevres was the first to witness the blooming of this beautiful piece of art from the white clay called Kaolin, molded and designed by the dexterous artisans. Today, you find a plethora of manufacturers creating their own special designs using the unique French porcelain produced in the Limoges area of France.

However, just all the famous works of art, the Limoges boxes have also become the butt of fraudulence. As a result the market is now flooded with fake boxes obtained at unbelievingly low prices. In order to understand the value and authenticity of Limoges boxes, you have to be aware of the marks that come on the traditional Limoges boxes.

… read more

Cleaning and Repairing Limoges Porcelain Boxes and Other Items 2014 Aug 28

The exquisitely crafted and hand-painted Limoges boxes splashed with the right hues with apt proportion and precision have unique aesthetic charm. And if maintained and cleaned with care the porcelain boxes made from special Kaolin clay can shoot up in their value too. Although delicate, maintaining the Limoges porcelain boxes or dinnerware is no herculean task. However, it is worthwhile to make a more or less regular regime of dusting the items lightly with a soft cloth. Everyday wiping off the dust will prevent the boxes and figurines … read more

Clean and Repair Limoges Boxes and figurines on your Own 2014 Aug 28

Your Limoges boxes and figurines-steeped in unique aesthetic charm and timeless beauty, require proper care and maintenance. These exquisitely crafted and hand-painted Limoges boxes are valuable and need to retain their intrinsic worth'-especially the ones made from special Kaolin clay and other delicate raw materials... … read more

Perfect Array of Gift Ideas for Everyone you love 2014 Aug 28

Are you worried about what to gift your mother, your friend, your loved once  on their birthdays or how to express your love?

You have found the perfect place to shop!

Beautifully painted in meticulous designs by hand atop special white clay called Kaolin from the soils of France, these charming works of art are indeed rare and precious treasures to cherish for life. In fact, authentic Limoges boxes by such top-notch manufacturers like Rochard are still made in Limoges. Here are some Limoges box gifting ideas for your mother. … read more

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