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The Year-round Variety Festivals of Limoges

Limoges is a place that offers great festivities and merrymaking to both its citizens as well as visitors. There is always one festival or the other happening in and around Limoges. The Limoges events are very lively and incorporate even the foreign performances together with its own characteristic ones. As a result, there are festivals like Czech days and Latin American days.

The annual fair of Limoges is one of the most special Limoges event which concentrates on showcasing Limoges culture. There are exhibitions organized in various parts of the city. These exhibitions are always conducted according to a theme, which is decided for that particular year.

The Kaolin Barbotine Festival is all about early childhood. The children get to play a lot of games and other entertainments during this festival. A lot of international experts from different parts of the world conduct workshops and exhibitions on early childhood. People of all ages, who are interested in it, are allowed to take part.

Another popular family festival is the Bridges celebration. This is about the two important heritage bridges that have stood witness to the changing Limoges culture. This festival is organized along the river Vienne, between the bridge of St. Martial and the bridge of St. Etienne. It is festivity full of fun activities, fairs, dancing to a live band, sports etc. It is an all together merry event which should not be missed by a visitor.

From April to May it is the opera season. The festival is called ‘Everybody at the opera festival’ ("Tous à l’Opéra"). This Limoges cultural event is organized by the French Opera Congress.

The entire prestigious opera artists of the area contribute to this opera extravaganza. Apart from the opera performances free of charge to all, the public is given an awareness of the behind the stage activities. This festival gives the new Limoges generation, as well as the visitors, an insight into the age old tradition of opera.

There is a touring festival that travels from place to place with their performance and performs wherever it gets a stage, be it in theaters, museums or old age homes. This shows the dedication of Limoges people to the cause of preserving their age old culture and traditional art forms. Their aim is not only to attract tourists but also keep their generations in touch with their culture and art.

Urb’aka or Festival of street arts is another unique Limoges festival in which hundreds of artists from in and around Limoges take part with numerous others from abroad. It is conducted at the end of June. This multi-themed festival is conducted in the streets and public gardens. This is a festival that celebrates art and culture.

June, July and August are the months for open air film shows. These free film shows are conducted by different local associations of various localities. Together with their own traditional arts, Limoges events encompass cultural shows of other countries like Latin America and Czech Republic. During the Latin America day at the end of August Limoges population enjoy the energetic music of Samba and Salsa or Tango. They dance o the tunes of these dance forms with an involvement that comes only from a set of people, who are dedicated to art and music.

Besides these major festival there are innumerable art exhibitions conducted by a number of organizations all through the year. No matter when you go there, you get to witness a number of Limoges events that display the great diversity of Limoges culture.

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