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Traditional limoges boxes

Interesting Facts about Traditional Limoges Boxes

Over time, traditional Limoges boxes have become a popular collectible due to their worldwide status as precious works of art. These delicate porcelain boxes were originally made of Kaolin clay and manufactured in a city called Limoges in France.

If you too have been left enchanted by the beauty of these boxes and figurines and want to start collecting them, it would be of great help for you to know some interesting facts about them. These lesser known facts about these figurines and boxes will not only help you distinguish between an authentic piece and a cheap knock off but also to build an impressive collection that is of great value.

Differentiating on the basis of quality

It may come to you as a surprise that not all traditional kaolin clay boxes are of the same quality. If you want nothing but an authentic box, you should check the stamp at the bottom of the piece and make sure that it bears a ‘Limoges, France’ insignia. This indicates that the piece has been manufactured in the region of the same name in France and is an original piece and not a cheap reproduction manufactured in China.

However, even the traditional Limoges boxes bearing the above-mentioned insignia differ in quality, as different manufacturers in the region use different production techniques and materials to make these boxes. The finer is the quality of moulds and paints used for making these figurines and pieces, the better is their quality, and the higher is their prices. Moreover, the use of meticulously designed accessories also adds to the value of the piece, thus making is more expensive.

Look for limited edition pieces for your collection

You can be sure about getting value for your money if you choose to buy a limited edition piece. This is because all authentic boxes and figurines are manufactured in a limited number after which their moulds are thrown away. An authentic piece will bear the number of the particular design at its bottom. These are rare pieces of collection/s that are long savored later.

Steer clear of American and Chinese pieces

As already mentioned above, original Limoges boxes and figurines are manufactured with a special type of porcelain that is found in France. However, the popularity of these collectibles has led to the market being flooded with several American and Chinese reproductions of the same. These are of inferior quality, have poor texture and imagery, and are no more than cheap imitations that you should steer clear of at all costs if you are building a collection of traditional Limoges boxes.

These facts about these collectible boxes should stand you in good stead while buying the product to last for years to come.

by Marina Chernyak


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