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Understanding the Different Types of Limoges Boxes

If you have ever owned authentic Limoges boxes, you can understand how valuable this tiny piece of art is to your list of collections. These trinket boxes are typically made with the help of glistening white clay porcelain that goes by the name of Kaolin. In addition to this, a lot of hard work is put into painting these porcelain boxes by hand.

Each painting depicts various sceneries and figurines that help add a touch of flavor on the mantle you choose to exhibit it on. Most vintage Limoges boxes come with traditional designs that originate back to the 18th century. Modern day variants continue to be introduced by dexterous and innovative artists.

While collecting boxes, it is best to be aware of the different options that you have a choice of.

  1. Traditional Designs - Traditional designs not only consider the use of molds for the benefit of creating exquisite painted patterns, but they also bear in mind an aspect of functionality.

  2. The Canister Design - One of the most popular shapes you will find in traditional authentic Limoges boxes is the canister design that is a tall structure with a broad base and circular pattern. These can be ideally used as snuffboxes.

  3. Heart Shaped Boxes - Another popular pattern one can find in traditional boxes in the one that is shaped like a heart. This is most popularly bought as a gift of love.

  4. Egg Shaped Boxes - The egg shaped boxes with curved sides and flat bottoms can be easily displayed on the sides as well as in the upright position.

  5. Square Boxes - Finally, the square shaped Limoges boxes are special because it allows the artist to form mold designs with great ease. Since all four sides are equal, carving figurines on the base can be performed with great dexterity.

Guide to Buying the Popular Limoges Boxes

Since these boxes come in a myriad of designs with figurines and scenes painted using animals, humans, culture, religion, occasions and activities; it is important that you pick the right one for the occasion. For example, if you hunt enough you will be able to find some exquisite heart shaped boxes to hold your engagement ring and a perfect mother-son painted box for a Mother’s Day present.

Furthermore, you may also find boxes that represent various professions. For example, musicians or music lovers may be able to find boxes that are shaped like musical instruments. Each one of these porcelain boxes are immaculately crafted, making your investment well worth it.

Said that, no matter from where you purchase your boxes, make sure it bears the mark of an authentic manufacturer or artist. You will be able to find a number of guides that allow you identify authentic boxes from the fake ones. 

by Marina Chernyak


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H: 0.75" W: 1.50" L: 1.75"

Cocktail Shaker with Shot Glass

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H: 2.00" W: 1.00" L: 1.75"
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