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How are your Limoges Items Made

Every Limoges item that you come across will be unique and exquisitely made. Its appeal comes from the meticulous process that goes into creating each one of the exquisite pieces. So the next time you are out purchasing Limoges boxes, knowing the process of how it got to the shelf is a great way to realize its true value.

Step I

The first step of making these exquisite collectible trinkets involves creating a design for the molding. Artists plan these design and they draw it by hand to get an idea on how the finished product will look. The design comes with elaborate features such as the proper curves the mold will take, the color scheme, and the images it will represent.

Step II

After a satisfactory version of the design is created, a mold is developed for the Limoges boxes. This mold will be used to handle the proper shape of the box or the figurine. Considering that this mold has a temporary life a new mold is made after it has been put to use over a few dozen times

Step III

After the mold is created, a thick porcelain solution will be poured into it. Rochard Limoges boxes and other Limoges products source this porcelain from a variety of places. Fledspar and Quartz are the most commonly used forms of porcelain. These materials are extremely durable allowing the creation of thick walls for boxes and figurines.

Step IV

Once the porcelain is poured into the mold, it is left out for one day for drying. On the completion of this process, the figurine or box will be taken in by the artist for hand finishing.

Step V

In this stage, the box or figurine will be smoothed out by hand in a way that all the jagged edges are gotten rid of. After this process, the Limoges item is placed in a kiln that burns at 900 degrees Celsius.

Step VI

Now it is time to venture into the painting process. Here, the material will be dipped in enamel before it placed in a kiln again, this time at1200 degrees Celsius. Paint can be applied on the material after this process is complete.

The darker hues such as blue and the brighter shades such as red will be separately handled. As each color is added on the Limoges item, it will need to spend some time in the kiln again. The heating process for darker shades is typically more intensive than that used for lighter shades.

At the end of this process, your boxes get hinges attached to it, to create memorable collectibles. Note that every authentic Limoges item is hand painted. Most of them come with extremely elaborate detailing that adds to its monetary and aesthetic value.

by Marina Chernyak


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