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Limoges Porcelain Boxes and their many Manifestations and Types

Limoges miniatures, figurines and trinket boxes add value to your collection –and not in terms of monetary investments alone. They are stylish, classy and timeless. These little boxes and miniatures made of glistening white clay porcelain (Kaolin) and bear meticulous hand paintings. They portray various sceneries and figures that add pizzazz to collectibles and home decor art pieces alike. 

Along with plenty of traditional designs dating back to the 18th century, you should also look around for the more contemporary styles that help in making your collection all the more valuable and worthwhile—take a look.

Traditional Designs

These dainty little boxes first made their appearance as soft paste Faience snuffboxes in the 1700s. There are no marks for their identification and genuineness—as none were placed on them at that time. The four big factories involved in their production were Mennecy(1734–73), Chantilly(1725–1800), Vincennes(1740–56) and Saint Cloud(1677–1766). The pieces created here were hand painted by local artisans and crafted with a lot of dexterity and care.

Most conventional designs and types of Limoges boxes reflect shapes like circular patterns, broad bases and tall structures –making them appropriate for storing snuff and tobacco. Heart shaped porcelain boxes have been rated as the most coveted gifts of love.

While the egg shaped boxes were as fascinating, the squarish ones enabled artists to form and mould designs with convenience and ease. All these types of Limoges boxes were carved with dexterity and boasted of handmade designs –which were extremely eye-catching and graceful.

Other Limoges Boxes

Today, you can get your hands on a plethora of popular collectibles that boast of figurines and scenes associated with humans, special occasions, animals, religion, culture and scores of day-to-day activities. While the range of heart shaped and marriage Limoges are perfect for your lady love, you can also go through an entire series of chess boxes, mask boxes, monuments, impressive guns, gardens, tree houses, ice creams and ladies accessories.

Limoges miniatures and boxes are definitely the perfect adornments to dress up your cabinet shelves. Art and music connoisseurs can handpick from an impeccable collection of musical instruments, Limoges art boxes and Museum of Art. With so much and more on their racks, stores dealing in collector’s items, porcelain figures and dainty boxes are the best places to start your search.

Way Forward...

However, before you invest in these fine pieces of art, remember to look for the tell-tale marks that set them apart from the fraudulent and fake ones flooding the market. These marks are basically inscriptions, designer words had written or etched at the bottom of the porcelain pieces.

With a deeper insight into the world of porcelain pieces, you are definitely set to add a lot more to your collection –the right way!

by Marina Chernyak


Limoges Factory


H: 0.50" W: 1.50" L: 2.50"


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