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Limoges porcelain boxes

Limoges porcelain boxes

Tips to Identify an Authentic Limoges Porcelain Box

A porcelain box looks simply exquisite. The production of the Limoges porcelain boxes dates back to the late 1970s. They were produced for the first time in the city of Limoges in France. The initial production used kaolin clay as the raw material for these boxes. However, later the manufacturers made use of feldspar and quartz for creating these one-of-a- kind boxes.

These boxes are widely held as gift items as well as collectibles and if you too want to have a collection of your own, it would be a wise idea to learn how to distinguish an authentic porcelain box from a fake one. When you buy a Limoges box or figurine as a gift item or as a décor item, make sure that you keep the following pointers in mind before loosening your purse strings.

Check the stamp on the box

One of the most common identification marks for a genuine Limoges porcelain box is the factory hallmark that is painted by hand at the bottom of the piece. You will be able to see the ‘Limoges, France’ symbol clearly on a genuine piece. Besides, a printed inscription that reads ‘peint main’, meaning hand painted, will also be imprinted at the bottom of the figurine or the box.

You can spot a fake easily by the ‘C’ or ‘RC’ stamp printed at the bottom of it. This means that the piece is a mere imitation that has been manufactured in China or the Republic of China. Do not be tricked into buying such a piece at an exorbitant price. It would also help you to know the well-known makers of these boxes and their product stamps.

The imagery and design provide other clues

The most common designs that you will find on authentic Limoges porcelain boxes are those of landscapes and other day-to-day things like vegetables and fruits. Once in a while human forms also form a design on a Limoges Porcelain box. Check the design closely to see if it is really hand-painted. To add to it, some common elements of imagery that you will find on a real Limoges porcelain box are exquisite birds and butterflies. Most specialists are skilled in identifying the imagery and the glazing on legitimate kaolin clay pieces.

Compare the prices

The last and most obvious clue to the authenticity of a porcelain piece can be recognized by its price tag. An original porcelain box will be more high-priced because of the labor-intensive manufacturing process that it entails, whereas a knockoff will be sold at dirt cheap prices.

Follow the tips mentioned above to buy an authentic piece that will last forever. Do not be duped into buying a phony one with your hard-earned money.

by Marina Chernyak

Marina Chernyak
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