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Gifts Ideas for Your Little Darlings

Children themselves are precious gifts from God. But there is no child who would not like gifts. ‘The brown paper packages tied up with strings’ happen to be at the top of every child’s list of favorite things. It is always a pleasure to see the dear little face light up.

Search for a suitable present for your child in We have an exhaustive list of ‘child things’. We know the heart of a child through and through. Browse through our site to find gift articles for children of both the genders and all ages.


We have a comprehensive catalogue of jewelry items suitable for children. The small ear rings will suit your little beauty. Try giving her a complete set of matching necklace, ear rings and bracelet. You will make your daughter very happy.

Limoges boxes

Children love to keep small trinkets and knick-knacks. They love to have little containers for their keepsakes. You can gift him or her with a Limoges fairy box. As fairies are real for children, they would love have their own fairy on their shelves and tables.

Most children love pets. Our Limoges box collection has a number of very charming animal boxes. Kittens and puppies always allure children beyond measure.

Our vegetable Limoges box catalogue also has a few items which children will love. The Mr. Pumpkin box is an example.

Christmas and Santa Clause are all time favorites of children. Gift your child with a Santa Limoges box, this Christmas.

Music boxes

Any child will love to open a gift box that produces music. We have a number of music boxes that will make a child happy. Our ballerina boxes are any small girl’s dream. Gift your little ballerina with one of our ballerina boxes. She will treasure it.

There is no girl who doesn’t love a doll. Our musical dolls are perfect visual treats. They are fitted with enticing tunes also. Make your girl happy with one of the musical dolls.


by Marina Chernyak




Quick view LINDENWIRTIN STEIN $145.80  $115.00
Height: 9-1/4"


H: 1.75" W: 1.00" L: 1.50"
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Marina Chernyak
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