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Perfect Array of Gift Ideas for Everyone you love

Are you worried about what to gift your mother, your friend, your loved once  on their birthdays or how to express your love?

You have found the perfect place to shop!

Beautifully painted in meticulous designs by hand atop special white clay called Kaolin from the soils of France, these charming works of art are indeed rare and precious treasures to cherish for life. In fact, authentic Limoges boxes by such top-notch manufacturers like Rochard are still made in Limoges. Here are some Limoges box gifting ideas for your mother.

Pets and Hobbies: If your love once is a dog-lover, how about presenting them with a Limoges box, with the figurine of her favorite dog breed? Your freind who is music maven will simply fall in love with the magnificent musical collection in shapes of piano, drum sets, guitars, violins, harps, and what not. 

For the freind who likes to cook, just pick out a miniature cookbook along with a pan Limoges box or a tiny barbeque grill as a means of expressing your gratitude for all the lovely recipes. Gardening, reading books, sports- you can choose anything that your love once is fond of from the delightful line of luxury Limoges collection.

Ladies Accessories: Women are fascinated by accessories of all sorts - from shoes and moccasins to bags to cosmetics, perfumes and loads more. And you can find all of these from the vast repertoire of ladies accessories Limoges figurines. The themes are exquisitely presented through the ethereal designs celebrating the feminine spirit and passion. For fashion freak  the Anne Fashion Collection or the Beatrice Fashion Collection are just the apt gifts with the right craft of colors. If your freind is crazy about bags and shoes, gift them with the bewitching Bloomingdale's Little Brown Bag or the Apple Blossom Shoebox with a pair of vibrant red shoes.

Travel, Wine and Beverages: Does your freind loves to be on the move, traveling the myriad places on the globe? Gift them with travel themes picked out of famous attractions worldwide such as Eiffel Tower and Big Ben or a Beach basket and Brown Sea Shell. Celebrate Holidays with Champagne and Caviar Limoges box or a Cocktail Shaker and Wine Barrel- the list remains endless.

Whatever be the theme that you choose, Limoges boxes are sure to bring a smiles on  faces. The trinket boxes can be used variedly to keep jewelry, medicines, small items of importance and above all as delightful repository of decorative collectibles. With their aristocratic history, grand designs, and themes depicting everything under the sky, Limoges boxes are indeed one of the best gifts to present the love once in your life!

by Marina Chernyak


Limoges Factory

Lady bug w/book

Quick view Lady bug w/book $393.77  $302.90
H: 3.50" W: 1.75" L: 1.75"

Lemur monkeys

Quick view Lemur monkeys $318.63  $318.20
H: 2.00" W: 1.75" L: 2.50"


Quick view LARGE WINE CORK $248.95  $191.50
H: 2.00" W: 0.75" L: 0.75"
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