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Things to Cherish for Vintage Collectors

Limoges Boxes and Figurines- Things to Cherish for Vintage Collectors

Your son has just taken his first step or your daughter has won the first prize in a dance performance. It is your 25th marriage anniversary or your husband got a terrific breakthrough in his career. Whatever may be the reason for extolment Limoges boxes and figurines can be some of the most unique and exquisite things to gift.

Above all, if you are an avid collector of vintage items, you are sure to turn all heads to your display shelf simply by keeping a few of these impeccable art pieces. However, as a serious collector you need to take into consideration a few things before picking out a box simply because you like the look of it.

Know the Authentic Manufacturers: Duplicate Limoges boxes have flooded the market these days owing to the burgeoning demand of these pieces of art. Hence, in order to ensure that you are not laying your hands on a figurine done by some brick and mortar local artist, it is imperative to know some of the genuine manufacturers.

Vintage Limoges boxes were traditionally designed and manufactured by royal commission and are rare varieties possessing Fleur de Lys imprinted on them. Some of the more recent manufacturers are Haviland, Rochard, Artoria, Dubarry and the likes who are known for their excellent craftsmanship in designing the boxes.

Decoration: The surface decoration is another important criterion to look at. For adding some of the immaculate hand décor varieties, look out for the label Peint Mein. Alternatively, you can also try out a combination of hand work and decals where the highlighting streaks are done by hand and which will have Rehausse Main as their designation.

Detailing and Painting: Authentic Limoges boxes are known for their flawless detailing whereby artists use their creative clout to make intricate designs with one color taken at a time. When one shade is done with, a firing process is applied prior to use of another color. Hence, be aware of designs, which depict mere daubing of colors. The proportion and pragmatism of varying hues are ultimately used for putting up a specific scenery or image.

Collector’s Collection: If you wish to add to your collection of Vintage items, it is worthwhile to look for miniature sets of Limoges tea and coffee designed by a particular factory or artisan. Alternatively, you can also accumulate the items in tune with a particular theme, occasion, or animals.

Limited Edition Boxes: The Limited Edition Limoges boxes are truly valuable pieces of art that not only enhances your treasure trove of collectibles but can also bring you huge profits at auctions later on. If you want to add a Limited edition to your display closet, look for one, which is restricted to a specific designer. Authentic and accurate limited designs are unique in their mold designs since the detailing on the miniature is done completely by hand and by a single artisan. You can identify a limited edition from the registered trademark signature of the particular artisan.

Genuine Limoges boxes are indeed priceless treasures to cherish and it is the assiduous artwork done by hand which catapults their prices. Hence, do not be overwhelmed to come across such boxes at throwaway prices. They are likely to be duplicate ones, and will add no value to your collectibles. 

by Marina Chernyak


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Pot of gold at end of rainbow

Quick view Pot of gold at end of rainbow $349.57  $268.90
H: 2.50" W: 2.00" L: 3.00"

Florence duomo

Quick view Florence duomo $349.57  $302.90
H: 2.75" W: 2.00" L: 2.00"


Quick view Bee $245.10
H: 1.25" W: 0.75" L: 1.25"
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