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The Limoges box that replicates a potted plant is so very realistically crafted. The white flower pot painted with blue flowers and butterflies is a fabulous Limoges item. The flowerpot forms a functional Limoges box with silver rims and a magnificent orchid in bloom is featured on its lid. The white bloom spikes of the phalaenopsis orchid are not less beautiful than the original.

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Teapot - love & live happy

Quick view Teapot - love & live happy $408.20  $314.00
H: 2.00" W: 1.25" L: 2.75"

Teapot blue scales w/tea bag

Quick view Teapot blue scales w/tea bag $371.80  $286.00
H: 2.00" W: 1.25" L: 2.75"

Jonquils in green pot

Quick view Jonquils in green pot $327.60  $252.00
H: 3.00" W: 1.25" L: 1.25"

Coffee maker

Quick view Coffee maker $371.80  $286.00
H: 2.25" W: 1.50" L: 1.50"

Petit beurre chocolate

Quick view Petit beurre chocolate $327.60  $252.00
H: 0.50" W: 2.25" L: 1.75"

Easel van gogh

Quick view Easel van gogh $514.41  $395.70
H: 5.00" W: 2.50" L: 2.00"


Quick view Orchid $460.20  $354.00
H: 3.25" W: 1.75" L: 2.25"

Teapot tulips

Quick view Teapot tulips $327.60  $252.00
H: 2.25" W: 2.00" L: 2.00"

Donut box w/six donuts

Quick view Donut box w/six donuts $371.80  $286.00
H: 0.75" W: 1.75" L: 2.25"

Fortune cookie

Quick view Fortune cookie $262.60  $202.00
H: 1.50" W: 2.00" L: 2.00"

Lily of the valley w/lady bug in pot

Quick view Lily of the valley w/lady bug in pot $327.60  $252.00
H: 2.25" W: 1.25" L: 1.25"

Pizza box w/pizza

Quick view Pizza box w/pizza $371.80  $286.00
H: 0.50" W: 1.00" L: 1.00"

Irish teapot

Quick view Irish teapot $327.60  $252.00
H: 1.75" W: 1.50" L: 2.75"

Bonbon w/three candies

Quick view Bonbon w/three candies $327.60  $252.00
H: 1.00" W: 1.25" L: 1.25"

Chinese take out w/calligraphy

Quick view Chinese take out w/calligraphy $371.80  $286.00
H: 1.50" W: 1.50" L: 1.50"

Monet easel

Quick view Monet easel $293.80  $226.00
Width: 2.00"

Eggs in carton

Quick view Eggs in carton $327.60  $252.00
H: 1.00" W: 1.50" L: 2.00"
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